This site is intended for those who has, or would like to have a TP3. But know that:
"one never has a TP3, but one is possess by his TP3 "!

The goal of the "international TP3 club" is to facilitate the exchanges of information between all "TP3 owners ".

The CLUB and the SITE are still in comstruction, so please be patient!

INTER TP3 proposes to you:
- Technical documents.
- Technical Specifications.
- A newspaper essay in " The Lorry " in 1971.
- Ambulance of the french army.
- A Fair with the questions.
- Links towards other sites TP3 or 4x4
- A FORUM where you will be able to send messages and to receive their answer
- A trombinoscope of the TP3

* You can address photographs of your TP3, made in format GIF or JPG without exceeding 50 KB.